Exposure is okay…but with Caution

We all have been in that dilemma before: to stay in our shell or flow with the tide of exposure.

Several times we suffer reproof and persecution from others for being conservative and uptight, not wanting to ‘show our true selves’.

Imagine doing your kindergarten, nursery, primary, secondary and college education in one town?

Imagine spending all your life in one city without ever traveling out?Exposure

Imagine attending a group all your life. Yes one group forever!

Imagine speaking your dialect only…and knowing just your culture?

It’s cool for some. LifeEternal Life in God’s Son

But….ehhhh it could be better.

Going out more could help you get better opportunities and expand your horizon.

You get better with exposure.

Wait…not just ANY EXPOSURE!

Positive exposure.


Because hanging out with the negative set could literally and figuratively destroy you.

Imagine getting worse due to contact with the wrong company?

Or in this era of Coronavirus, you travel to a wrong location?

Go out with wisdom. Get into groups with wisdom.

Choose wisely the manner of your exposure.

Good night my Abokis!!!