Police shoot 13-year-old Autistic Linden Cameron in the back after his mother called 911 for help.

Police shoot 13-year-old Autistic Linden Cameron in the back after his mother called 911 for help.

Linden Cameron, 13, shot in the back after mom called Police on Autistic teen following a meltdown.

CBS-affiliate KUTV reports that a 13-year-old boy with autism was shot by police in Glendale, Utah on Friday night after his mother, Golda Barton called police for help.

The boy, who is an Aspergers’ sufferer, is still in the hospital after suffering injuries to his shoulder, both ankles, intestine, and bladder, Golda told KUTV in an interview on Sunday.

The family has set up a Gofundme account to cover his medical bills.

Linden’s mother said she called police and asked for a crisis intervention team because her son was having a mental breakdown.

The mother said she told officers that her son, who has autism, needed to be transported to the hospital for treatment.

“This is how to deal with people with mental health issues. So, you call them, and they’re supposed to come out and be able to deescalate a situation using the most minimal force possible,” Barton told KUTV.

Linden Cameron

“I said, ‘He’s unarmed, he doesn’t have anything, he just gets mad and he starts yelling and screaming. He’s a kid, he’s trying to get attention, he doesn’t know how to regulate,'” Barton said.

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In a statement to KUTV, SLCPD Sgt. Keith Horrocks said police were called to the area for a report of a “violent psych issue” involving a juvenile “having a mental episode” and “making threats to some folks with a weapon.”

Horrocks said the shooting happened shortly after 10 p.m. and left the boy in serious condition.

Sgt. Horrocks said he knew of no indication that there was a weapon found but didn’t know for sure.

Groups, individuals condemn the Shooting of Linden Cameron.

Several groups and individuals have added their voices in the outcry against police brutality and use of violence.

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In a memo, Neurodiverse UT condemns the use of violence by the Salt Lake Police Department when they shot and critically injured Linden on Friday night, September 4, while he was experiencing a mental health crisis.

Linden Cameron

Some have also advocated for refresher courses on emotional intelligence for members of the police in the face of global protests on police high-handed tactics.

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These persons feel that there is no need to redirect some police funding towards mental health professionals.

The question is whether the mental health assistance is needed more for the 13-year-old autistic Linden Cameron or the police officers who thought it was OK to shoot him in his back as he fled on foot.

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