Video: 44-year-old Michel Faro do Prado, the ‘Human Lucifer’, who got his nose cut off and horns implanted on his head by his wife, still preaches with the bible and goes for evangelism.

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Michel Faro do Prado the ‘Human Lucifer’ slices off his nose and gets horns implanted in extreme body modification by Wife. He is still an active member of his local congregation.

A man who has altered his body to become a ‘human Satan’ has become the third individual on the globe to have his nose chopped off.

44-year-old Brazilian Michel Faro do Pra has had scores of tattoos and piercings, in addition to head implants and customised teeth, as a form of body modification.

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Recently, in a bid to strengthen his devil-like image, he had his nose removed.

Michel’s wife, who is a professional in body modifications, assisted him to achieve his unique look.

And now she contends he is “only the third person in the world” to have the nose completely removed.


In spite of his horrid image, which has prompted many to nickname him the ‘Human Satan’ or ‘human Lucifer’ or simply as a devil, Michel is an enthusiastic member of his church community.

He could often be seen preaching the word of God and disseminating the message of the Bible.

Michel notes that people who have never seen him before are shocked most of the time.

He concedes that he is a popular person who is loved by the majority of people and his family.

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Furthermore, he states that passing a message and speaking from his point of view are his primary goals in life.

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Michel’s wife also specialises in body modifications and has said she is proud her husband being only the third person in the world to have had the weird procedure.

His wife also shows off face and eye tattoos but has a less severe appearance compared to her spouse.

Michel Faro do Prado and wife

Michel himself is a tattoo artist, but he doesn’t do his own ink. Instead, he gets other tattoo artists to help with his mutation.

He says that he concentrates on blackwork and brutal tattoos- the types of tattoos where you ink a large part of your body.

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Michel Faro do Prado’s wife has specialised in the area of transformation and the idea is for him to become her classic masterwork when it comes to tattooing.

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Documenting his unprecedented transformations on social network Instagram, where he has over 15,000 followers, Michel’s posts consists usually of pictures showcasing him and his wife in their odd modifications.

A Description of Michel Faro do Prado, the Human Lucifer

Michel Faro do Pra’s transformation into a “sinister creature” brandishing dozens of tattoos, piercings, and customised teeth to achieve his Satan image, is just a step further in his long years of modifications.

Michel Faro do Prado, 44, has been undergoing a number of procedures to achieve his

Michel Faro do Prado, 44, has been undergoing several processes to achieve his “sinister creature” look as Human Lucifer

He has moulded his teeth into arches and even got two horns rooted onto his head.

Well he looked evil already, right?

Wrong dear.

The tattoo artist took his adaptation even further only recently – by obliterating his nose.

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In his recent Instagram pictures, Michel Faro do Prado has a gaping hole in his nasal area with a large piece of his nose being extracted and stitched up.

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Details of the procedure remain cloudy, with the questions of risks or health complications of the surgery largely unknown.

Michel Faro do Prado recently said:

“I have been a tattoo artist for 25 years, most of the tattoos I get from artists and professionals who I have paid.

“I focus on blackwork and brutal tattoos, which are types of tattoos where you ink a large part of your body,” Brazilian Michel Faro do Prado reveals.

“But my wife specialises in the area of modifications and the idea is for me to become her masterpiece when it comes to tattooing.”

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Michel has a high tolerance to pain and insists he does not mind withstanding more discomfort and pain to achieve his desired appearance.

“Actually I have good resistance to pain,” he said.

” I don’t think anything is so painful.”

He added:

“I suffer a lot more in the post-procedures than at the time.

“The truth is there are changes that without anaesthesia would be almost impossible to be done, I would love not to feel any pain.

“But if I have to feel pain, to achieve what I want, for sure I will face it.”

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