#pokemonmastersex is trending…just because of a little error

#pokemonmastersex is trending…just because of a little error

Pokemonmastersex : Gaming Giant scores own goal with weird custom hashtag icon.

Pokémon Masters released its latest addition to the gaming powerhouse on 27th August and fans are excited. However, the hash tag adopted by the company is generating online controversy.

Okay, let us get a little background info. In celebration of the game’s one-year anniversary in 2020, the game is evolving into a new form: Pokémon Masters EX.


The name change – and the update itself – have been explained by the top ranks of the company.  Producer Yu Sasaki and operations producer Tetsuya Iguchi show off the new name and tell us that the game will soon receive some new features, including six-star EX sync pairs.


This brand new power level in the game brings new opportunities for upcoming trainer and Pokémon pairs, and older pairs will gain the ability to evolve, too.

So why the fuss about pokemonmastersex?

Well a little argument about punctuation would have saved the hash tag from sounding erotic. Check this out: pokemonmastersex


Some fans jokingly said there are three ways to interpret this. Either

A. “Pokemon master sex” means Pokemon have figured out how to have sex

B. “Pokemon master sex” describes sex between Pokemon masters.

C. It could be a deliberate attempt to raise popularity for the game

Whichever interpretation you are adopting, it is clear that the public is bemused as to how a big company can get a custom hashtag icon for their game and somehow completely miss the effect a little punctuation error could have  on the brand.