Weird News: Dean of South Carolina Law School apologises for posting Private Bar exam results.

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The Dean of South Carolina’s largest law school asks for forgiveness for forwarding Private Bar Results to the public.

Williams Hubbard, Dean of the Law School told media sources.“It was an accident, an accident I deeply regret,”

Hubbard apologized that he thought he was just sending a letter with the comprehensive results for the school.

The Dean of South Carolina's biggest law school is admitting guilt for forwarding an email that comprised the names of students who failed a law exam.

“I’ve sent a personal email to every one of those students, and I’ve had an email dialogue with some of them and some phone conversations and plan to make myself available to any student who wants to meet,” he said.

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Dean of South Carolina’s biggest law school admits guilt for forwarding an email that comprised the names of students who failed a law exam.

The Dean said he was so excited when he got the email that 82% of his law students passed last week that he mistakenly forwarded it without noticing the attachments that were deemed confidential.

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According to the rules, the names of students who fail the bar exam (and the scores of successful candidates) are never published.

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Williams, Hubbard took over as Dean of the law school two months ago.

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Before that appointment, Hubbard was on the South Carolina University’s Board of Trustees. He is a past president of the American Bar Association.

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