Weird Story: Twitter user Janet Machuka calls out Nigerian neighbors who SEALED their mango tree with a net to prevent fruits from being picked.

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Twitter user Janet Machuka calls out Nigerian neighbors who SEALED their tree with net to stop fruits from being picked.


As kids, one of the blessings of being in a neighborhood with friendly neighbours is the naughty chance of plucking and picking fruits from their compound.

In certain communities, people who share fruits and other gifts of nature to kids and the less privileged are long remembered for such good deeds, even when they leave that location.

In biblical times, farmers and land owners are encouraged not to glean out and clear out their produce to the last fruit, but leave some for the less privileged.

However a Nigerian Twitter user with account name Janet Machuka has called out a neighbour who made an awkward move by shielding the mango tree in their fenced compound with what looks like mosquito net.

Janet Machuka mango tree


Janet Machuka@janetmachuka_ posted this awkward tweet and tagged it:
Such neighbors exist.

Twitter users respond to the tweet of Janet Machuka about her neighbor’s mango tree

Elijah Okemwa@elijahnokemwa says

What? Kwani huwezi kukula hiyo? That is unfortunate… The fruits would rather rot than being eaten by a stranger. Oh sorry, neighbour! Bobe sana.

@TheKimutai notes:
Are you sure they weren’t trying to be responsible and not litter your compound, coz in the west that’s courtesy..

Fines™@ItsFines replies:
He is a good neighbor. He wants the neighbor’s compound clean.


complaining about the leaves making their yard dirty soo you wont enjoy the fruit as well.

To prevent leaves from dropping or theft??,Rolling on the floor laughing

Ngonile@Ngonileinnocent tweets:

If its out of boundary, tell to cut the prolonged one coz it’s not in his area.

Aggie Ngari@Aggiecira says:
Can you say you have a neighbor with such deed? Huyo hata ukakosa chochote kwako au upatwe na shida usibishe mango wake kuomba usaidizi.

When the responders said the neighbors probably didn’t want leaves to fall on Janet’s compound, she replied:

‘But l see fruits.. leaves can be carried by wind’.

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