Shocking Update: Although 51-year-old Joseph Pettaway did not resist, Threaten or Attempt to Flee Montgomery Police, the Cops Allowed Police Dog to Torture and Maul Black Man to Death in His mother’s house, police also did Nothing to Intervene.


Joseph Pettaway, 51, was killed by police officer K-9 handler Nicholas Barber and his dog Niko in Montegomery, July 2018. His family is still trying to get justice.

Bodycam footage of police dog mauling Black man Joseph Pettaway has been released as requested by the Pettaway family.

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Police officers on site have been accused of failing to provide first aid to the victim.

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What Happened to Joseph Pettaway?

A police dog found Joseph Pettaway inside a vacant house. His family said he had a house key and permission to sleep there.

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He died of blood loss after the dog tore an artery near his groin.”I saw it with my own eyes: His flesh was all on the ground that morning,” Joseph Lee Pettaway’s sister said about her brother.

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Police in Montgomery, set the police dog loose on Joseph Pettaway, who later bled to death from a laceration.

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At the scene, one officer reportedly said “F#ck yea” when another asked him if the dog had bitten Pettaway—now the family is fighting for bodycam footage.

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