Lamu: Chinese Douyin and Video Blogger’s final videos before her tragic murder by her husband at age 30.

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Video blogger Lamu was attacked while filming at home in Aba, China. The vlogger sustained burns on 90 per cent of her body and was left fighting for her life for more than two weeks. She was pronounced dead by doctors on October 2.

Her ex-husband was allegedly seeking revenge on her over their divorce.

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Police have imprisoned the suspect while further inquiry is underway.

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In her last video, Lamu is seen performing a traditional Tibetan song for her fans. She prayed for them in the caption, “May all your wishes come true.”

While live streaming to her fans, the former partner reportedly broke into the blogger’s home armed with a cleaver and petrol.

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While Lamu was live streaming to her fans, the former partner reportedly broke into the blogger's home armed with a cleaver and petrol.

He attacked her in front of her family members in mid-September.

Fans report that the Livestream that day was abruptly cut, leaving nothing but a black screen and terrifying screams.

Two days later, when Lamu’s sister announced the attack and asked for financial assistance for the vlogger, loyal fans and sympathizers raised one million yuan (around $147,000) in 24 hours.

Lamu had sustained burns to 90% of her body. She gallantly fought for her life for 16 days until Wednesday, according to Red Star News.

See video of Lamu last sessions here:

Lamu had amassed nearly 800,000 followers on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, before the attack on Sept. 14.

In memoriam: Nǃxau ǂToma

Her videos usually represent the everyday life of the average Chinese, especially those living in rural areas.

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