Video: 24 Latest Endsars Endswat protest memes, Unkleaboki Photonews

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Video: 24 Latest Endsars Endswat protest memes, Unkleaboki Photonews

While waiting for the Nigerian government to grant the demands of the protestors, let’s give peace a chance.

May the struggles of our youths never be in vain.

Video: 24 Latest Endsars Endswat protest memes, Unkleaboki Photonews

Video: 24 Latest Endsars Endswat protest memes, Unkleaboki Photonews

Just in: more SARSMUSTEND and ENDSARS protests after allegations of violence in the midst of promises of Police reforms by President Muhammadu Buhari

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Watch a Meme Video Compilation of Images from the Endsars and endswat protests.

Music by Rahman Flute

Video, Breaking News on EndSARS: IGP Mohammed Adamu announces the abolition of SARS and immediate redeployment of cops. Reno Omokri and Apostle Johnson Suleman insist on reforms.


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Video: Owerri DPO punches EndSARS Nigerian protester, pulls gun to shoot.

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24 Latest Endsars Endswat memes, Unkleaboki Photonews.

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Weird Story: Twitter user Janet Machuka calls out Nigerian neighbors who SEALED their mango tree with a net to prevent fruits from being picked.


Video: 24 Latest Endsars Endswat protest memes, Unkleaboki Photonews.

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