Weird: Laura Siegemund eats food mid-match, defeats Badosa 7-5 6-2 at French Open 2020

Laura Siegemund eats meal mid-match during French Open match, goes on to defeat Paula Badosa 7-5 6-2.

Laura, Tennis’ world number 66, was a set and a break up against Paula Badosa in the French Open fourth round when she took her meal.

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Laura Siegemund said she asked her physio to bring her something to get some carbs - some potato or rice.
Photo from BBC

Siegemund’s opponent Paula Badosa had taken a medical break and the 32-year-old took advantage of the time-out, rushed over to courtside and retrieved a brown container.

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She then sat down and ate what looked like noodles and a cereal bar, although the BBC reports that she assured the umpire after the match that it was not a Chinese takeaway.

After the meal, Laura Siegemund broke serve and went on to win the match

The umpire told Siegemund that he had her act was unprecedented in his years as a tennis referee, but Siegemund said stomach problems prevented her from eating before the match.

In her post-match interview, the tennis player explained that she needed to get some carbs and had already attempted to eat an energy bar.

She said she asked her physio to bring her something to get some carbs – some potato or rice.

“Probably looks weird having a fork and eating like that, ” she confessed. “but better than low sugar anyway.”

Siegemund will play her quarter-final against seventh seed Petra Kvitova on Tuesday.

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