Nguyen Hoang Nam

Video: Vietnamese Superboy Nguyen Hoang Nam, 10, stuns the internet amazing muscular physique due to rare hypertrophy disorder.

10-year-old Vietnamese, Nguyen Hoang Nam is grabbing the internet headlines because of his stocky build.

Nguyen Hoang Nam’s parents stated that he was always more muscular than other kids his age, they noted that doctors also observed that, at birth, he had more developed muscles than other babies.

Nguyen Hoang Nam

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At age 6, his body was so muscularly toned that his parents took him to the infirmary for a check-up.


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Vietnam reported Nguyen Hoang Nam’s incredible story, said he is suffering from superman syndrome. The doctors said it is hypertrophy, a rare disorder.

The articles also claim that apart from stiff muscles and a lack of flexibility, the 10-year-old boy is in perfect health.

“When Hoang Nam was 6 years old, his muscles developed clearly,” said Kim Uyen, Nam’s godmother, to Sao Star.

Worried that his unusual muscle development could affect Nam’s health, his family took him to Children’s Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

“Which made his muscles grow. Fortunately, this syndrome does not affect the health of the boy,” Vietnamese media claims.

Nguyen Hoang Nam

This unusual physical condition made Nam become public attention when going outside the house.

Kim Uyen said that Nam had been contacted by several online celebrities so that he could appear on their platforms.

But Kim Uyen refused the offer. He worries that if Nam gets famous, it will invite more bad than good.

Nguyen Hoang Nam takes a special interest in bodybuilding and weight training.

Kim Uyen further revealed that Nam’s family wants him to participate in yoga and Karate sessions to reduce his muscle.

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A proficient bodybuilder in Dong Nai, Vietnam, who offered to train Nam, contacted the Superboy’s parents for permission to train him for free.

Nguyen Hoang Nam superboy hypertrophy

The Nam family agreed, and the boy ends up training at the gymnasium. However, he left three months later because he was homesick after missing his family.

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Many people think Nam​ is an adult suffering from dwarfism. But the records are in place that Nguyen Hoang Nam is still 10 years old.

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