Happy Electoral College Day-Electoral College vote Funny Meme Pictures (30 Unkleaboki Funny Memes)

Electoral College vote Funny Meme Pictures. Happy Electoral College Day! 30 funny memes.

Here’s what you need to know on Monday 14:

This Monday, the Electoral College begins the vote that will formally validate Joe Biden as the president-elect.

Electoral College strengthens Joe Biden presidency over Donald Trump as vaccine delivers hope to a covid-ravaged nation.

Meanwhile, a group of bipartisan lawmakers is set to unveil covid relief legislation.

President Trump has refused to show signs that he will concede.

A recent increase in border crossings will test president-elect Joe Biden’s promise of the promulgation of a more humane border policy.

Happy Electoral College Day! Electoral College Votes, Joe Biden memes, funny Donald Trump memes.

Joe Biden is set for victorious nomination to replace Donald Trump as Electoral College meets to vote in major segment of the Electoral process.

Happy Electoral College Day, funny Electoral College memes, funny joe biden memes, funny Donald Trump memes
Funny Electoral College vote



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