Fiance kills Fiancee, Josephine Onuche, Christopher Akpan, Rafiu Afolabi, I Killed Her After She Gave Me N14m

Crime: Fiance kills Fiancee Josephine Onuche after receiving N14 million (Video)

Fiance kills Fiancee: “I Killed Her After She Gave Me N14m”.

Fiance kills Fiancee, Josephine Onuche, Christopher Akpan, Rafiu Afolabi, I Killed Her After She Gave Me N14m


In an earlier announcement on the death of a woman identified as Josephine Onche who went missing in 2019, details were sketchy because investigations had only begun as at that time.

The deceased, a female officer of Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC), was declared missing by her family in Otukpo in December 2019, few days before her wedding. She was reported to have gone to the market to buy some items needed for the wedding ceremony when she went missing.

It took 18 months to discover her decomposed remains in a shallow grave after she was murdered allegedly for ritual purposes by her proposed husband.

Josephine Onuche was ultimately found dead and buried in a shallow grave in Obi Local Government Area of Benue State few days ago. Her fiancee, Christopher Akpan, has been fingered in the case.


Fiance kills Fiancee, Josephine Onuche, Christopher Akpan, Rafiu Afolabi, I Killed Her After She Gave Me N14m


Christopher Akpan, the 54-year-old fiancé of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) officer, was paraded on Wednesday, June 16 by members of the Nigerian police force.


Fiance kills Fiancee, Josephine Onuche, Christopher Akpan, Rafiu Afolabi, I Killed Her After She Gave Me N14m

Briefing the press, the Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, said late Miss Josephine Onche, 45, was in a relationship with Christopher, who had expressed his love and promised to marry her.


“In the course of the relationship, several financial transactions took place and it is believed that Onche had handed over a large chunk of money to her lover,” he announced.


“Between Dec. 19 and 20, 2019, Onche had visited her lover, who lured her to the house of a native doctor in Benue, where she was murdered. Her body was taken to a forest where she was buried in a shallow grave,” he said.



Mba said that the deceased’s fiancé had pledged to pay the native doctor N5 million out of the N14 million he collected from Oche.

Fiance kills Fiancee: herbalist narrates level of involvement in the crime

The herbalist, Rafiu Afolabi, has recounted how he and Christopher Akpan allegedly killed her for money ritual.

The 67-year-old herbalist from Saki, Oyo State, who made the admission after operatives of the Intelligence Response Team of the Nigeria Police Force arrestednded them for alleged murder, claimed that after killing Onche, Akpan promised to offer him N5m to keep quiet  but he was only given N50,000.


He said he first met Christopher Akpan when he went to Onche’s house sometime in 2019 to give her some concoctions to avoid late pregnancy after her marriage to Akpan.




“In 2019, the late Josephine came to my shrine in company with one man. She sold mortar and pestle and needed my help so that the business would flourish.

I collected N14,000 for the job and asked her to return in three days. When she returned, she told me of her plans to get married. She asked me to prepare medicine for her so that she would get pregnant quickly,” he narrated.



“I took the medicine to her house, and it was there that I met her fiancé. On December 19, 2019, at about 6.30 pm, I saw her and her fiancé in Otukpo.

He (Akpan) later came to my shrine and said that he wanted to use her (Josephine) for money ritual. He said he would give me N5m for me to be silent. At about 10 pm on a later day, we met inside a forest with Josephine.


“I never knew Akpan had a gun with him. He brought out a cloth, spread it on the ground, and asked her to kneel down for prayers.

Before I could understand what was going on, he shot her on the head. He quickly grabbed a calabash and poured some of the blood gushing out from her head into the calabash. I ran home, got a hoe and we dug a shallow grave and buried her.

“When we left the forest, I asked him to bring the N5m that he promised and he promised to give me after eight days. He came to my house later that night and gave me only N50,000. He asked me to be patient to collect the balance.”


However, Akpan refuted murdering the NSCDC officer, saying he loved her very much.



“On December 17, 2019, she visited me in Akwa Ibom State and left on December 19, 2019. On December 23, 2019, her elder brother called me and told me that Josephine was missing. I panicked but her brother told me to calm down.

I wanted to visit the family, but they said I should hold on a bit. I was later arrested and I have kept telling them that I am innocent.

Before my arrest, I went to the motor park where Josephine boarded a bus in Akwa Ibom State and I saw her name on the manifest. She even used my name as her next of kin.

“I was surprised when the police came and arrested me. The next thing I saw was a man who introduced himself as Afolabi and said I contracted him to use Josephine for a money ritual.

On May 27, 2021, the police took me into a forest where Afolabi claimed that we buried my late fiancée. In my life, I have not entered such a thick forest, and now someone is insisting that I came this far to bury Josephine who I loved so much.”


Speaking further, Akpan contended he had met Afolabi once in 2017 and not in 2019.


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“I had visited my fiancée and helped her to drop off a bag of charcoal at Afolabi’s house. That was the first and last time that I met him,” he said.

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The PPRO said the decomposed corpse of Onche had been exhumed by the police for further investigation.

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Tags: Fiance kills Fiancee, Josephine Onuche, Christopher Akpan, Rafiu Afolabi, I Killed Her After She Gave Me N14m