30 Thursday memes

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Three Brigadier Generals of the Army were sitting together and having drinks..

After a few rounds they start talking about their achievements in their respective careers. The topic somehow gets to who among the three Generals has the most fearless soldiers.

The first General says “My soldiers are very fearless, whatever I tell them to do they will do it without a second thought. I will give you a demonstration.”

The First General calls one of the soldiers.. “you go running straight ahead and knock the wall with your head as strongly as you can.”

Soldier says “Yes sir!!!.” And sprints like a cheetah and knocks his head on the wall.. BANG!!! .. starts to bleed profusely and reports back to the general.

The First General says with a proud smile “This is how my boys are.. they fear nothing”.

The Second General smirks and says ” That’s nothing I will show you how my boys are ready to even lose their lives if I order them to.”

Calls up one of his soldiers and says “Soldier!! climb up that tall tree and jump from the top.”

Soldier says “Yes!!! Sir” and immediately climbs up the tree and jumps from the top and gets killed.

The Second General with a proud face says that’s my training they fear nothing, can your boys match that??

Seeing all this the Third General laughs out loud and says that’s nothing compared to what my boys can do. They are the most fearless soldiers on this planet.

The other two Generals then say “Prove it.”

So the Third General calls up one of his boys and says to him “See that water fall.. you go and swim against the tide and climb up the waterfall.”

The Soldier says ” You bloody idiot you drank too much today. Who the f*ck can do that.. I am outta here oldman” and he leaves..

The Third General says to the other two… “You see they are not even afraid of me.”

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