33 Wednesday Afternoon Memes

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CEO: Young man, you’re the one who needs a recommendation letter right?
Young man: Yes sir.
CEO: Okay. Do you want it on my letterheaded paper?
Young man: A letterhead, you meant, Sir. Yes, please use your letterhead.
CEO: Alright. So you want me to tell them you’re an upcoming player, right?
Young man: Sir, the standard expression is “up-and-coming’. Upcoming is used to talk about something that is forthcoming, while the act of making a good progress as a beginner is to be up-and-coming.
CEO: Young man, English is not all you need to scale through. Can you let me do this thing and get done with it?
Young man: You’re right, Sir. But permit me to add that we “sail through” something, not “scale through”.
CEO: You know what? Go and get your recommendation letter from Queen Elizabeth.
Young man: Ah! I’m sorry sir.
CEO: Sorry “kee” you there. Idiot!