Today in History October 7

October 7 is the 280th day of the year (281st in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 85 days remaining until the end of the year.

Events October 7

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Up to 1800 October 7
3761 BC – The epoch (origin) of the modern Hebrew calendar.
336 – Pope Marcus ends his reign as Catholic Pope.
1428 – Start of the English siege of Orléans in the Hundred Years’ War.
1477 – Opening of Uppsala University in Sweden.
1492 – Christopher Columbus misses Florida when he changes course.
1506 – Pope Julius II and France occupy Bologna.
1513 – Battle of La Motta: Spanish troops under Ramon de Cardona defeat the Venetians.
1520 – First public burning of books in Netherlands, in Louvain.
1542 – Explorer Cabrillo discovered Catalina Island off California coast.
1571 – The Battle of Lepanto is fought, and the Holy League (Spain, Venice, and Papal States) destroys Turkish fleet.
1582 – Due to the implementation of the Gregorian calendar this day does not exist in this year in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain.
1637 – Prince Frederick Henry of Orange occupies Breda.
1690 – English attack Quebec under Louis de Buade.
1702 – English/Dutch troops under John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough occupy Roermond.
1714 – Beer tax riots in Alkmaar, Netherlands.
1737 – 40 foot waves sink 20,000 small craft and kill 300,000 (Bengal, India).
1756 – Flooding on the Elbe near what is now Germany’s North Sea coast kills 600 people.
1763 – George III of Great Britain issues British Royal Proclamation of 1763, closing aboriginal lands in North America north and west of Alleghenies to white settlements.
1765 – Stamp Act Congress convenes in NY.
1769 – English explorer, Captain Cook, reaches New Zealand. Abel Tasman had been the first European to land there over a century earlier.
1776 – Crown Prince Paul of Russia marries Sophie Marie Dorothea of Württemberg.
1777 – American Revolutionary War: Americans beat the British in the Battle of Second Saratoga and the Battle of Bemis Heights.
1780 – American Revolutionary War: Battle of Kings Mountain American Patriot militia defeat Loyalist irregulars led by British colonel Patrick Ferguson in South Carolina.
1801 – 1900 October 7
1806 – Carbon paper patented in London by inventor Ralph Wedgewood.
1816 – The first double-decked steamboat, the “Washington,” arrives in New Orleans, Louisiana.
1826 – Granite Railway (first chartered railway in the U.S.) begins operations.
1828 – The city of Patras, Greece is liberated by the French expeditionary force in Peloponnese under General Maison.
1840 – Willem II becomes King of the Netherlands.
1864 – American Civil War: In the Battle of Darbytown Road, the Confederate forces’ attempt to regain ground that had been lost around Richmond is stopped.
1864 – American Civil War: Capture of the CSS Florida — Union warship captures the USS Wachusett — Confederate raider ship while in port in Bahia, Brazil.
1865 – The Morant Bay Rebellion starts in Jamaica.
1868 – Cornell University holds opening day ceremonies; student enrollment is 412, the most at any American university to that date.
1870 – Leon Gambetta flees Paris in balloon.
1879 – Germany and Austria-Hungary sign the “Twofold Covenant” and create the Dual Alliance.
1882 – Baseball: First World Series (game 2), Chicago (NL) beats Cincinnati (AA) 2-0.
1886 – Spain abolishes slavery in Cuba.
1900 – The term “orienteering” is first used for an event.
1901 – 1950 October 7
1904 – Baseball: New York Highlander Jack Chesbro wins record 41st game of season (41-12).
1907 – France’s Henry Farman flies 30 m in a double decker plane.
1908 – Crete revolts against the Ottoman Empire and aligns Greece.
1908 – Serbia and Montenegro sign anti-Austria-Hungarian pact.
1910 – Absinthe is banned in Switzerland.
1912 – The Helsinki Stock Exchange sees its first transaction.
1916 – Georgia Tech defeats Cumberland University 222-0 in the most lopsided victory in American college football.
1918 – The Governing Council in Warsaw declares Poland to be an independent state.
1919 – KLM of the Netherlands was founded. It is the oldest airline still operating under its original name.
1919 – First London-Amsterdam airline service (Britain Aerial Transport and KLM).
1922 – Oud-burgem of Rotterdam Zimmerman becomes High Comm’s of Austria.
1922 – First radio link, WNJ (Newark, New Jersey) and WGY (Schenectady) link for World Series.
1924 – Greek government of Dikalekopoulis forms.
1928 – Ras Tafari Makonnen crowned negus of Abyssinia by Empress Zauditu.
1928 – Paavo Nurmi runs world record 10 miles (50:15.0).
1929 – Ramsay MacDonald is the first British premier to address the U.S. Congress.
1931 – First infra-red photograph, Rochester, New York.
1933 – Air France, the national airline of France, is created after the merger of five smaller airlines.
1938 – Germany demands all Jewish passports stamped the letter J.
1940 – Germany invades Romania.
1941 – German army occupies Viarma, U.S.S.R.
1941 – John Curtin becomes the 14th Prime Minister of Australia
1942 – the McCollum memo conspires to bring the United States to war in Europe by provoking the Japanese to attack the United States.
1942 – U.S. and British government announce establishment of United Nations.
1942 – Maxwell Anderson’s “Eve of St. Mark,” premieres in New York City.
1942 – Salvo Katjoesja-rocket destroys Nazi battalion in Stalingrad.
1943 – Japan executes 100 American civilian prisoners on Wake Island.
1944 – Uprising at Birkenau concentration camp.
1944 – Uprising at Auschwitz, Jews burn down crematoriums.
1944 – Fieldmarshal Erwin Rommel is ordered to return to Berlin.
1944 – Allies bombs sea dikes at Vlissingen.
1949 – German Democratic Republic (East Germany) is formed.
1949 – One of the earliest television shows, “Ford Theater” debuts
1950 – United States forces cross the 38th parallel in the Korean War.
1950 – Missionaries of Charity is founded by Mother Teresa.
1951 – 2000 Edit
1951 – Malayan Emergency: Malayan Races Liberation Army (MRLA) ambushes and kills British High Commissioner Sir Henry Gurney.
1951 – David Ben-Gurion forms Israeli government.
1957 – Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand” debuts.
1958 – President of Pakistan Iskander Mirza, the support of General Ayub Khan and the army, suspends the 1956 constitution, imposes martial law, and cancels the elections scheduled for January 1959.
1958 – U.S. manned space-flight project renamed Project Mercury.
1958 – Potter Stewart appointed to U.S. Supreme Court.
1959 – Far side of the Moon seen for first time, compliments of U.S.S.R.’s Luna 3.
1960 – Second Kennedy and Nixon debate Cold War foreign policy in the second of four scheduled debates.
1960 – Nigeria joins the UN.
1962 – U.S.S.R. performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya, U.S.S.R.
1963 – John F. Kennedy signs ratification for the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.
1963 – Hurricane Flora hits Haiti and the Dominican Republic, kills 7,190.
1968 – Hollywood adopts the movie ratings system.
1970 – Richard Nixon announces a new five-point peace proposal to end the Vietnam War.
1971 – Oman joins the UN.
1976 – Hua Guofeng becomes Chairman of the Communist Party of China.
1977 – The adoption of the Fourth Soviet Constitution.
1982 – Cats opens on Broadway and runs for nearly 18 years before closing on September 10, 2000.
1984 – NFL running back Walter Payton breaks Jim Brown’s rushing record.
1985 – The “Achille Lauro” is hijacked by Palestinian terrorists.
1985 – The Mameyes disaster occurs in Ponce, Puerto Rico.
1996 – The Fox News Channel, an American cable news network, is launched.
2000 – Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg abdicates in favour of his son, Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg.
2000 – Germany wins 1-0 against England in the last game at the Old Wembley Stadium.
From 2001 October 7
2001 – Start of United States war in Afghanistan an air assault and covert operations on the ground.
2002 – Maher Arar is deported by the US government to Syria, where he is tortured and held out charge for a year before being returned home to Canada.
2003 – California recall: California governor Gray Davis is recalled from office and replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
2004 – King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia abdicates.
2005 – Mohamed ElBaradei and the International Atomic Energy Agency win the Nobel Peace Prize.
2006 – Sport: The first Lusophone Games, for Portuguese-speaking countries begin in Macao.
2006 – Palau’s capital is moved from Koror to Ngerulmud in the state of Melekeok.
2006 – Russian journalist and writer Anna Politkovskaya is murdered.
2011 – The Nobel Peace Prize is shared between Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee of Liberia and Tawakel Karman of Yemen.
2012 – Hugo Chávez is re-elected President of Venezuela against Henrique Capriles. Chavez dies less than five months later, on March 5, 2013.
2014 – Lunar Eclipse: A “Blood Moon”, or red-appearing Moon, is seen in most of the world except Europe and Africa.
2016 – President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos wins the Nobel Peace Prize.
2019 – Saturn overtakes Jupiter as the planet in the Solar System the most known Moons (82, compared to Jupiter’s 79).
2019 – Eight people are injured in a lorry-ramming attack in Limburg an der Lahn, Germany.

Observances October 7
Teacher’s Day (Laos)
National Day of East Germany (1949 to 1989).

October 7, today in history, what happened today in history, on this day, October 7 in history

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