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What happened today in history October 5

October 5 Events

Unkleaboki Your top choice for funny memes, breaking news, and weird stories
Unkleaboki Your top choice for funny memes, breaking news, and weird stories

Up to 1900 October 5

610 – Coronation of Emperor Heraclius of the Byzantine Empire.
1143 – King Alfonso VII of Leon recognises Portugal as a kingdom.
1450 – Jews are expelled from Lower Bavaria by order of Louis IX, Duke of Bavaria.
1502 – Christopher Columbus names Costa Rica.
1550 – The city of Concepcion, Chile is founded.
1582 – This day does not exist in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain, as the Gregorian calendar is introduced. In those countries, October 4 is followed by October 15.
1665 – The University of Kiel is founded.
1762 – British troops occupy Manila, Philippines.
1789 – French Revolution: Women in Paris march to Versailles in the March on Versailles to confront Louis XVI of France about his intention to hold on to the system of feudalism.
1793 – French Revolution: Christianity is removed as the official state religion of France.
1813 – The Battle of Thames is fought in Canada, in which American forces defeat British ones.
1857 – The city of Anaheim, California is founded.
1864 – Calcutta, India, is almost completely destroyed by a cyclone, killing 60,000 people.
1869 – In weather, the Saxby Gale devastates the Bay of Fundy along the maritime provinces of Eastern Canada.
1877 – Chief Joseph surrenders his Nez Perce band to US General Nelson A. Miles.
1895 – The first individual time trial for cyclists takes place in London.
1901 – 2000 October 5
1903 – Samuel Griffith becomes the first Chief Justice of Australia.
1905 – Wilbur Wright pilots the Wright Flyer III in a flight of 24 miles in 39 minutes, a world record that stuck until 1908.
1908 – Austria-Hungary annexes Bosnia and Herzegovina.
1910 – Portugal becomes a Republic.
1914 – World War I: First aerial combat resulting in a death, in international conflict.
1915 – Bulgaria enters World War I as one of the Central Powers.
1921 – Baseball’s World Series is broadcast on radio for the first time.
1933 – In Germany, the Nazis take total control of the press.
1938 – In Germany, under Nazi rule, Jews’ passports are declared illegal.
1943 – World War II: 98 American POWs are executed by Japanese forces on Wake Island in the Pacific Ocean.
1944 – World War II: Royal Canadian Air Force pilots shoot down the first German jet fighter over France.
1944 – Women in France are given the right to vote.
1947 – The first televised White House address is given by Harry S. Truman.
1948 – A magnitude 7.3 earthquake strikes present-day Turkmenistan, killing over 100,000 people.
1951 – The first Mediterranean Games begin in Alexandria, Egypt.
1955 – Disneyland Hotel opens in Anaheim, California.
1962 – The first James Bond movie, Dr. No, is released.
1962 – Love Me Do, the Beatles’ first single, is released in the United Kingdom.
1968 – Police baton civil rights demonstrators in Derry, Northern Ireland, considered to be the beginning of the Troubles.
1969 – Monty Python’s Flying Circus is first shown on BBC One.
1970 – The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is founded.
1970 – In Montreal, Quebec, Canada, British trade commissioner James Cross is kidnapped by members of the Front de liberation du Quebec, starting the October Crisis.
1973 – Signature of the European Patent Convention.
1974 – The Guildford pub bombings are carried out by the Provisional IRA, killing 4 British soldiers and 1 civilian.
1984 – Marc Garneau becomes the first Canadian in space.
1986 – Israel’s secret nuclear weapons are revealed.
1988 – The Brazilian Constitution is ratified by the Constituent Assembly.
1989 – Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama, wins the Nobel Peace Prize.
1991 – An Indonesian military transport plane crashes after take-off from Jakarta, Indonesia, killing 137, including two on the ground. Only one on board survives.
1992 – Lennart Meri becomes President of Estonia.
1999 – The Ladbroke Grove rail crash in West London kills 31 people.
2000 – Mass demonstrations in Belgrade lead to the resignation of Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic.
From 2001 October 5
2001 – In baseball, Barry Bonds overtakes Mark McGwire’s single-season home run record, hitting his 71st and 72nd home runs of the season respectively.
2004 – At 27.25 degrees Celsius, Germany records its warmest October 5th in 125 years.
2011 – Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple Inc., dies aged 56, leading to widespread reaction on social media.
2014 – Formula One racing driver Jules Bianchi suffers serious injuries in a crash at the Japanese Grand Prix, leading to his death in July 2015.
2017 – Allegations of sexual harassment against the film producer Harvey Weinstein are published, starting the #MeToo movement.
2018 – Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Observances October 5
Republic Day (Portugal)
International Teachers’ Day (UNESCO)
Teachers’ Day (Pakistan, Russia)
Armed Forces Day (Indonesia)
Constitution Day (Vanuatu)
Stara Zagora (Bulgaria).

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Source: https://simple.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/October_5

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