Weird 32-year-old Denis Vashurin is awkwardly stuck in the body of a child {Video}

Denis Vashurin hit the front pages of the internet recently after an interview with popular YouTube personality “Vasya na sene” for looking like a child at 32 years.

This story was first published on 2020/09/20 at 8:28 pm. We have republished the story with some updates.

As expected, the audience expressed disbelief when they heard he was 32 years old, despite looking like a kid.

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In his interview with Vasya, Denis Vashurin explained to Vasya that his parents first noticed something weird and abnormal about him right from childhood.

Denis Vashurin

He was always the smallest among his peers, a deficit he made up with a hyperactive personality.

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As long as he was physically healthy, had no sense of low self-esteem, no one suspected anything else.

denis vashurin

However, the alarm bells rang when Denis had stopped ageing.

In his teenage years right to his graduation from school, he looked like a child amid grown-ups.

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Meanwhile, the grownups are his peers or even juniors.

Denis Vashurin said when he realized that he would no longer change physically, he felt uneasy at first.

He thought about how everything would proceed from that point and envisioned a future of hardship.

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Although Denis Vashurin has succeeded to lead a normal life, they always faced him with the question of proving his age to those who doubt the correlation between his years and his unusual physical appearance.

He recounted an instance when he was pulled over by a traffic officer for forging his driver’s license. After he authenticated his age, the cop continued making inappropriate jokes about how young he looked.

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Denis revealed that, despite his baby face, his body ages at the same rate as other persons in his age bracket.

when asked how he feels now as 32 looking this way, Denis jokes he is a bore, a stubborn person and like a bear during hibernation.

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Denis vashurin girlfriend

The 32-year-old Russian who looks like a boy further states that he has been dating his girlfriend for four years now.and she completely understands his situation, having known him for a long time.



Denis Vashurin also states that while he knows people would feel awkward around him because of his youthful looks, he does not expect them to judge him that way.


As at this time of writing this piece, people still repeat questions of age verification to Denis Vashurin, pushing him into a low profile.

Denis Vashurin himself admits he doesn’t understand why people disbelieve his assertion.

No wonder he prefers hanging out in the village, where he is seen as a normal person.

Denis has lived in a small village in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region, Russia. A locality far from the rigours and troubles of the urban community.

He enjoys hunting, fishing and hanging out with his girlfriend. Sometimes they tease him by calling him ‘Grandpa’.

He has not said if he ever fought anyone for calling him an old man, neither has he opened up on whether he ever sought medical help for his condition.

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At least he is with the people who know and understand him very well, having grown in their midst.

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Or should we say, having been stuck in time in their midst?

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