Dababy walmart video: The footage of DaBaby killing 19-year-old Jaylin Craig at Walmart has been released.

Dababy walmart video: The footage of DaBaby killing 19-year-old Jaylin Craig at Walmart has been released.

DaBaby shot and killed 19-year-old Jaylin Craig in 2018, a shooting the rapper claims was in self-defense.

New security footage obtained by Rolling Stone shows that DaBaby appears to be the aggressor, and contradicts key aspects of his version of events.

These were the comments from YouTube users on Fucious Tv:

Hopefully yall bring that smoke to Rolling Stone because if a black media outlet released this footage yall would be on their head.

Smok 3
4 hours ago
If the guy in the black wouldn’t of fronted his move more than likely he would still be alive. You clutching and upped and didn’t shoot because you in Walmart and didn’t wanna catch a body on camera, and then you get bodied and it completely legal. Smh

You’ve been warned The real chosen ones
4 hours ago
I’m sure 12 looked at this and other angles over and over. Dude pulled but hesitated.

Lil Daddy
5 hours ago
All I can say is he had a really good lawyer

Marquis Blakemore
6 hours ago
I don’t care what nobody’s say I’m a positive person but this dude right here it’s just something about his energy I don’t like and I know he got bad blood

Peter Piper
4 hours ago (edited)
The police would have seen every single angle of this interaction before it ever made it to YouTube and he still won in self defense. Which I agree was 100% a legitimate win. Here’s what I saw in this video: 0:18 baby charges Henry Douglas (Blue Hoodie) most likely following a verbal altercation (this is an assumption not fact). 0:19 Jaylin Craig (Black hoodie and slides, north of altercation) immediately draws firearm. 0:20 baby has his head up and looks directly at the drawn firearm. 0:21 baby changes from offensive to defensive getting Henry Douglas into a shield position 0:35 Jaylin Craig joins the altercation, Baby knows he already has a weapon pulled. Henry Douglas being held between baby and Jaylin. 0:41 Mariah Osborne Steps up to Jaylin Craig distracting him from baby. 0:42 baby moves Henry Douglas to the side (camera angels change, but I assume this is where he begins to draw his own firearm) 0:43-0:47 shots fired. DaBaby knew a firearm was drawn and knowing his life could be in danger he drew his as well. This entire life or death situation took place over the course of ~25 seconds. It was do or die.

Juicin Around
6 hours ago
I went to jail for this and got charges dropped cause if someone uses more force then what’s given to them like police officers you have the right to use the same lethal force they’re willing ti cause you no matter what

CivicX704 Blue
2 hours ago (edited)
Dababy knew those guys came to rob him or kill him and actually if you look the guy in the blue was having a conversation which was a conversation that went like this “it’s a stick up or else you die” dababy realize if he don’t do anything it’s over. Rush the guy in the blue so he can use it to buy time and as a shield to pull out his gun and take the main guy in black. Dababy knew he had to shoot because 1. Out numbered 2. they had already flash the gun 3. They followed him. IF dababy had pulled out his strap first before using the guy in blue as a diversion, the guy in black would’ve pop him from behind

James Ross
2 hours ago
It’s self defense, because if a guy approaches you in an aggressive manner and his hands are in his pockets, a person can feel as though their life in danger.

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