Glen Taylor Chicken Farm Video: Alicia interrupts Timberwolves Clippers game, glues herself to court to protest Bird Roasting over Avian Flu (Watch)

Glen Taylor Chicken Farm video: Protester interrupts Timberwolves Clippers NBA play-in game after glueing herself to court

A Protester named Alicia interrupts Timberwolves-Clippers NBA play-in game after gluing herself to court:

A fan at the Target Center on Tuesday night interrupted the Minnesota Timberwolves’ play-in game against the Los Angeles Clippers with an attempted on-court protest.

Though the protester used a new method to try and get her message across, it didn’t stick very well.

In the second quarter of the play-in game in Minneapolis, while a free throw was happening at the other end, officials quickly halted the game after a protester ran onto the floor and apparently started trying to glue herself to the court.

Arena security quickly grabbed the woman and got her off the court, and then cleaned the area.

The TNT crew calling the game wasn’t sure what had happened, as that’s a rather unique form of protest. Allie LaForce, however, was told that the woman actually tried to glue her wrists to the floor and refused to leave initially.

The glue was quickly wiped off the court and the game then resumed as planned.

The woman was apparently an animal rights protester, who was reportedly trying to make a statement related to Timberwolves basketball majority owner Glen Taylor’s chicken farm. That farm recently killed a large amount of its chickens due to a bird flu outbreak.

Her shirt read, “Glen Taylor Roasts Animals Alive.”

While her protest didn’t quite pan out, as her choice of glue clearly wasn’t strong enough, her form of protest is certainly one of the most unique the sports world has ever seen.

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Glen Taylor Chicken Farm video, Protester interrupts Timberwolves Clippers play in game after gluing herself to court