Juan Antonio Enriquez Garcia Video: Public Protests, Outrage continue over Chiclayo Monster Molestation of 3-year-old Girl in Peru (Watch)

Juan Antonio Enriquez Garcia Video: Juan Antonio Enriquez Garcia allegedly kidnapped, tortured and sexually abused a 3-year-old girl in the case of the ‘Chiclayo monster’ that has outraged all of Peru, with the twitter #justicefordamaris.

How did Juan Antonio Enriquez Garcia kidnap the child?

Juan Antonio Enriquez Garcia Video

The kidnapping of the minor occurred last Tuesday, April 12, when she was on the corner of La Despensa and Goicochea streets, as recorded by a video surveillance camera.The images capture the exact moment the girl is carried and placed in the passenger seat by a man standing next to a light blue vehicle.The mother, noticing her daughter’s kidnapping, reported the incident to the National Police. The next day, after some intelligence work, the PNP found the car with license plate number BYM-238.


What is the result of Juan Antonio Enriquez Garcia case so far?

The case has sparked a wave of outrage in Peru where they demand that the abuser of the little girl be sentenced to death for the crime.



The South American nation’s judiciary gave nine months of pre-trial detention and neighbors burned the house where he kept the victim kidnapped.