Siegfried and Roy Tiger attack video: what did Mantacore do to Horn?

Siegfried and Roy tiger attack video: During a popular show at the Mirage on Horn’s birthday on October 3, 2003, a seven-year-old white tiger named Mantacore attacked Horn.

(The name of the tiger has frequently been misspelt as “Montecore” in media reports.) As part of the act, but veering off script, Horn held his microphone to Mantacore’s mouth and told him to say “hello” to the audience. Mantacore responded by biting Horn’s sleeve.

Horn swatted the tiger and barked “release!”, while standby trainers unsuccessfully attempted to distract the cat with cubes of meat. Possibly incited by Horn’s retreat, the tiger leapt at Horn, swinging at his legs and knocking him off his feet.

siegfried and roy tiger attack vid

As trainers rushed in from offstage to assist, Mantacore bit into Horn’s neck and dragged him offstage. Trainers got the tiger to release Horn by spraying him with CO2 fire extinguisher canisters, the last resort available.

The attack severed Horn’s spine, resulted in massive blood loss, and severely injured other parts of his body, permanently impairing his motor and verbal abilities. He also had a stroke either before or after Mantacore dragged him offstage.

While being taken to the hospital, Horn stated, “Mantacore is a great cat. Make sure no harm comes to Mantacore.”
He told People in September 2004 that Mantacore saved his life by trying to drag him to safety after he had a stroke.
The incident prompted the Mirage to close the show, which had 267 cast and crew members.

Trainer Chris Lawrence later contradicted Fischbacher and Horn’s explanations for why the tiger attacked Horn, alleging it was due to Horn’s mishandling of Mantacore. The duo dismissed Lawrence’s claims, stating he “had problems with his life anyway.”
Lawrence later said he believed that the duo and the Mirage covered up the real reason for the attack in order to protect their image.