Update: Vincent Jean video – Prosecutors said Vincent Jean is a die-hard fan of GTA (Warning: Graphic Contents)

These Vincent Jean videos captured the Suburban Road Rage Attack using Surveillance Camera and a close shot. Prosecurors are currently investigating if there is a link between Vincent Jean’s addiction to Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and the present attack.

Law officials in New Jersey say the driver of a gray SUV is responsible for a vicious road rage attack that left a young woman in critical condition.

Authorities said the Vincent Jean is a fan of Grand Theft Auto game and must have sought to replicate the actions he has seen in the games.

The incident was caught on a neighbor’s home security camera in the suburban town of Elizabeth. The suspect, a man named Vincent Jean, has been charged with attempted murder.

The victim’s parents said in a statement, “What this man did to our daughter was atrocious.”