Graphic: Jalen Randle shooting Houston PD (video)

GRAPHIC: Houston Police Department releases bodycam video of 29-year-old Jalen Randle whose family says was fatally shot while running away from police.

Bodycam footage appears to show a Houston police officer fatally shooting Jalen Randle on April 27, immediately after telling Randle to show his hands.

The Chilling body camera footage reveals the moment a white Houston police officer fatally shot a black suspect after a April 27 car chase
Houston Narcotics Officer Shane Privette yells at 29-year-old Jalen Randle to put his hands up, a shot goes off and Randle falls to the ground
Officers later found a handgun in the bag Randle was carrying but it was not visible at the time Privette shot.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump is representing the family, who claims Randle was not given time to comply before the officer pulled the trigger.



Graphic: Jalen Randle shooting Houston PD (video)