Video: Why is Obey the Walrus so scary? (Watch)

“Obedece a la Morsa”, translated in English as Obey The Walrus, is one of the foremost viral videos featuring drag queen the Goddess Bunny (Sandy Crisp) who was disabled with polio.

Video: Why is Obey the Walrus so scary? (Watch)

Sandra “Sandie” Crisp (January 13, 1960 – January 27, 2021), better known by her stage name The Goddess Bunny, was an American entertainer, drag queen, actor, and model.

Footage of Crisp tap dancing, originally recorded around 1987, was the subject of one of the first viral videos.
The video, with the Spanish title “Obedece a la morsa” or, in English, “Obey the Walrus”, subsequently went viral, reaching more than 5 million views on YouTube as of 2020.

It became infamous and feared for its unnatural-looking editing, loud and warped music, and coloring.

Crisp lived in an assisted living facility in Inglewood, California, towards the end of her life. She died of COVID-19 in Los Angeles on January 27, 2021, 14 days after her 61st birthday.

Lana Del Rey posted a tribute to Crisp on her Instagram page. Crisp’s son, Hunter Ray Barker, created a GoFundMe appeal to raise money to cover Crisp’s funeral expenses, seeking to honour her wish to be buried at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. She had no child.

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