Watch Coppell ISD bullying video

Coppell ISD bullying video: Shaan Pritmani is speculated to be the bullying victim in the Coppell ISD altercation. Find more about the bullying case and aftermath.

A video of two students at Coppell ISD being involved in a physical altercation after a brief verbal exchange has been shared all over social media and has been viral all over the internet.

coppell isd bullying video

In the video, a student(probably Shaan Pritmani) can be seen seated on his bench when a bully appears and ask him to get out or something.

As Pritmani iteratively refuses to enhance the matter, the commenter can be seen trying to sway Shaan away with a hand on his shoulder.

Pritmani refuses again and the bully now tries to strangulate him in a brief way to spark fear.

As Shaan grabs the bully’s hand and throws it away, he goes infuriated and presses Shaan’s neck from behind in a clutched elbow style and presses Shaan against his seat.