31 Thursday morning funny memes

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Thursday morning funny memes
Two men are discussing habits.

The first man says, “Do you smoke?”

The second man replies, “Why of course, two joints a day! Why do you ask?”

The first man says, “Well how much do they cost?”

The second man says, “Only 20 each!”

“And how long have you been smoking?”

“A few years, why?”

“So if you hadn’t smoked all these years, you would’ve saved up enough to buy a lamboghini!”

“Really? Then what car do you drive?”

“A Ford Focus.”

“Do you smoke?”


“Then where the hell is your lambo?”

A construction worker calls his wife in the middle of the day.
“Honey, I’m in the hospital, I lost a finger.” “Oh my goodness,” she exclaims, “The whole finger?” “No, no.” He replies, “The one next to it.”

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