Video: Battle rapper Pat Stay, 36, stabbed to death in downtown Halifax (Pat Stay Wikipedia)

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Battle rapper Pat Stay stabbed to death in downtown Halifax. The rapper is famous for several diss tracks on music stars and his murder comes as a shock to his fans and the music world.

Pat Stay Dead

Pat Stay Wikipedia

Canadian rapper Pat Stay, 36, is stabbed to death days after releasing The Game diss track: Considered one of the best battle rappers.
Pat Stay, as a battle rapper, has always been heavily criticized for attacking rappers below the belt.

Pat Stay Death video

How old is Pat Stay?

36 years (1986–2022) Pat Stay / Age at death

What happen to Pat Stay?

Rapper Pat Stay has died following a stabbing incident in Nova Scotia, Canada, according to regional police. He was 36. The incident happened in downtown Halifax early Sunday morning.

Pat Stay

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