Twitter reacts as beloved Farmville shuts down on Facebook on December 31 (photos and video)

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FarmVille once took over Facebook as a game. Today, December 31, lovers of the game wave the game good bye on Facebook.

The New York Times aptly captures the Farmville phenomenon in a tweet @nytime an hour ago.

FarmVille once took over Facebook. Now everything is FarmVille.The game, a phenomenon a decade ago, is shutting down on Thursday. But its legacy — for better and for worse — carries beyond gaming

FarmVille, a game which had over 32 million daily active users at its peak, is going ahead with the decision to shut down on Thursday.

FarmVille shuts down on Facebook

For a game that helped transform Facebook from a place one checks updates from friends and family into a million dollar time-consuming destination, many game-lovers will really feel sad that the game ends in 2020.

Fans of Farmville bare their thoughts on Twitter

Jenny Gross@jggross·3hZynga’s FarmVille — yes, there are people still playing it — is shutting down. An obituary:FarmVille Once Took Over Facebook. Now Everything Is FarmVille.nytimes.com445

Jake Grovum@jgrovum·3h “There are people who would mute you or unfriend you just because they were tired of hearing that you needed help with your cows.”FarmVille Once Took Over Facebook. Now Everything Is FarmVille.nytimes.com111129.

Martin SFP Bryant@MartinSFP·3h

FarmVille shuts down today, but it “lives on in the behaviors it instilled in everyday internet users and the growth-hacking techniques it perfected, now baked into virtually every site, service and app vying for your attention.”FarmVille Once Took Over Facebook. Now Everything Is FarmVille.nytimes.com1037

Danny Groner@DannyGroner·3h

“Everybody saw a ‘lonely cow’ notification at some point or another, but those were all being shared by their friends who were playing the game,” he said.”FarmVille Once Took Over Facebook.

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