39 Monday memes for work

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Dune memes 2021: Popular Memes 2021

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90 Super funny memes

Super funny memes, Biden memes, Trump memes, nigeria memes, funny memes, funny jokes, funny quotes, Sunday hangover memes, Sunday night memes, Political Humor, funny animals, Monday Motivation. Who is the dupe?(Grammar palaver) Man: (goes to a police station) Good evening, gentlemen of the Nigeria Police. I”ve come to make a case as a dupe. Officer: … Read more

20 funny birthday memes

Birthday memes

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26 funny insults

funny insults, funny insults hilarious, funny insults to friends, funny insults and comebacks, funny jokes, NSFW, funny memes, school memes, women memes, adult memes. Funny insults Tonight I was walking home late when I see a woman in the shadows. “Twenty bucks,” she says.I’ve never been a prostitute before, but decided what the hell. … Read more

Please stop raining- 20 funny memes

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30 Sunday memes – unkleaboki Funny Memes

Sunday meme, unkleaboki Funny Memes, Sunday memes, Sunday funday, Sunday morning memes, funny jokes, funny quotes. The oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve. It was an apple but extremely limited memory. Just 1 byte and then everything crashed. Sunday memes

30 Saturday night memes

Saturday night memes, It’s Saturday night and I’m home on Facebook. Funny church signs,saturday morning memes, Sunday memes, memes,funny saturday memes, relationship memes for her, relationship memes for him, funny jokes, funny memes, funny pictures. A WW2 pilot visited a girls school.He was talking to the pupils about his time in the battle, and he … Read more

20+ Sunday morning memes

Sunday morning memes, Sunday memes, Sunday funday, Some Sunday morning humor, Funny church signs, funny pictures, funny memes, Sunday blessings, Happy sunday quotes, Sunday hangover. A man saw a good deal and bought 20 panties of the same pattern and color to his wife. Wife : Oh My God,now people will think I never change … Read more

Funny evening memes – Saturday memes

Funny evening memes, Saturday memes, Saturday memes funny, funny Saturday memes, Dank memes, funny memes, funny jokes, Nigeria memes, funny jokes, school memes, art memes The woman says: “Doctor, I don’t know what to do. Every day my husband seems to lose his temper for no reason. It scares me.”LongThe Doctor says: “I have a … Read more