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A Mysterious Cipher from the infamous Zodiac Killer has been cracked by Australian Mathematician Samuel Blake [Video and 15 Funny Memes]

Zodiac Killer, Mysterious Cipher, Australian Mathematician Samuel Blake, Ted Cruz and the Return of an Awkward Conspiracy Theory. The Zodiac Killer also referred to as The Zodiac or simply Zodiac…


Video: 24 Latest Endsars Endswat protest memes, Unkleaboki Photonews

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Shocking Update: Although 51-year-old Joseph Pettaway did not resist, Threaten or Attempt to Flee Montgomery Police, the Cops Allowed Police Dog to Torture and Maul Black Man to Death in His mother’s house, police also did Nothing to Intervene.

Bodycam footage of police dog mauling Black man Joseph Pettaway released. Police officers on site failed to provide first aid to the victim