President Joe Biden honors late Aaron Salter

On Monday, President Biden honored fifteen public safety officers, including two officers , one of whom was Aaron Salter, who died in the line of duty, during a Medal of Honor ceremony.

President Biden paid glowing tributes to retired cop Aaron Salter, who heroically died trying to stop the Shooter who killed 10 persons and injured others at a supermarket shooting in Buffalo.

President Joe Biden honors late Aaron Salter

Biden said:
‘He gave his life when a gunman shot and killed 10 innocent people in a grocery store in Buffalo on Saturday. He was actually able to shoot the assailant twice but he had on a bulletproof vest. He lost his life in the process’.

Salter worked as a security guard at Topf Friendly Market after he retired from the police force following years of service.

He fired at the suspect but the bullets had no effect and ricocheted due to body armor the suspect wore.
The suspect fired back and Salter was killed.