Be thankful for your body: Kenyan Bodybuilder Ronny Rono dies after botched Synthol Oil injections

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Kenyan Bodybuilder Ronny Rono Dies after Injecting Synthol Oil to Get Bigger Muscles

People go to extreme lengths of body modifications to get their desired appearance.


Some could spend time in the gym, pumping irons and running treadmills for months to tone their physique.

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Others will use the short cuts of botox and Synthol Oil injections or even surgery to speed up the process.

Synthol is a substance used by bodybuilders and serves as a temporary implant for muscle expansion.

The enlargement effects on the muscles are immediate and the gains are usually noticeable after minutes.

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Synthol Oil is often applied to muscles like triceps, biceps, deltoids, muscles of the calf.

Since Synthol Oil injections are purely cosmetic, and the users don’t naturally add weight but only see an increase in muscle size, many bodybuilders favour the procedure over anabolic steroids.

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Synthol Oil injections have its side-effects, as the late Kenyan Bodybuilder Ronny Rono realised

Bodybuilders who take the Synthol Oil injections are known to look like horribly deformed mutants. Moreover, the oil could later affect blood vessels.

In Rono’s case, the ailment started with a swelling in his right arm.

See more photos of the late Kenyan Bodybuilder…and remember to be grateful.

Synthol Oil injections have its side-effects, as the late Kenyan Bodybuilder Ronny Rono realisedUnkleaboki

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