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Breastfeeding at 5 years old? (Hasley, Coco and Funny Breastfeeding memes)

Breastfeeding at 5 year old?Superstar Ice-T Defends wife Coco Austin Breastfeeding Their 5½-Year daughter. Wifey Coco Austin drew widespread criticism after she recently said that their 5½-year-old daughter Chanel “still likes my boobs” as she bared her mind on breastfeeding her child. But husband Ice-T isn’t worried. He loves them both. 26-year-old singer Hasley, who … Read more

60 Funny tgif memes

Funny tgif memes.A woman goes to see the doctor complaints of a low sex drive. She tells the Dr “My husband wants me to get medicine so I’ll want sex as much as he does”, Doc tell her no problem he will give her the same hormone pills the Olympic weightlifting team uses . … Read more

20 Funny insomnia memes

Funny insomnia memes A man playing on a new golf course got confused as to what hole he was on. He saw a lady playing ahead of him, so he walked up to her and asked if she knew what hole he was playing… She replied, “I’m on the 7th hole and you’re a hole … Read more

Motivational Diary: Don’t kill yourself for what you don’t have.

Motivational Diary: Don’t kill yourself for what you don’t have. In life, we tend to compare ourselves other people, especially when we don’t have what we think we deserve. Imagine finishing school at the age of 24 and having those big plans ahead of you… you know, you just plan and say: by age … Read more

22 Dirty Memes Sunday Evening

Dirty Memes Sunday Evening A young lady starts a new job as a cashier in an adult novelties store. The boss gives her the run through “We have white dildos for $10 and bigger black dildos for $20. Got it?” She says she does, and he leaves. Her first customer comes in and the new … Read more

29 Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend. Here are some birthday wishes you can send to your best friend: Happy birthday and enjoy the fact that you are getting closer to the grave . Birthdays are the only days that people remember you exist. Forget the number of candles on your cake… You will get no … Read more

Funny Cat memes 2021 vs funny Dog Memes 2021 (funny animal videos)

Funny Cat memes 2021 vs funny Dog Memes 2021 A man finds a full grown gorilla in a tree. Man comes home from work to find a big ole gorilla in a tree in his front yard. Thinking he’s gonna need some help this, he looks up gorilla removal services in the yellow pages. … Read more

Latest Sports News: USWNT, NBA Finals, Fernanda Aguirre, Softball, Brisbane

USWNT, NBA Finals, Fernanda Aguirre, Softball, Brisbane (latest Sports News). Women’s Football Group G: The USWNT lose their first match since January 2019. Team Sweden defeated the United States a 3-0 win in Tokyo. Two goals from Stina Blackstenius and one from Lina Hurtig stopped the USWNT’s unbeaten streak, which stretched as far back … Read more