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What happened today in history October 5

October 5 Events Up to 1900 October 5 610 – Coronation of Emperor Heraclius of the Byzantine Empire.1143 – King Alfonso VII of Leon recognises Portugal as a kingdom.1450 – Jews are expelled from Lower Bavaria by order of Louis IX, Duke of Bavaria.1502 – Christopher Columbus names Costa Rica.1550 – The city of Concepcion, … Read more

Funny Halloween memes 2021

Happy Halloween, my spooky friends. halloween, happy Halloween, funny Halloween memes, spooky memes, funny Halloween memes 2021. 30 Halloween memes funny. funny day after halloween memes (20 Funny Memes) http://9gag.com Funny Animal Memes and Random Pictures: Sunday Morning Funny Memes (20 Funny Pictures and Halloween Costumes)

First Day of Fall Memes (28 Autumn memes)

First Day of Fall Memes. First Day of Fall, First day of fall memes, first day of fall 2021, ready for fall memes, autumn memes. September 23 – What happened today in history? http://9gag.com Happy Winter Solstice (Stargazers excited as Google doodle celebrates Great Conjunction) 10 Halloween Event Ideas (27 Halloween pictures)

81 Weird Memes for Tuesday evening

81 Weird Memes ( and a funny joke to kick it off) A software tester walks into a bar.Walks into a barRuns into a bar. Crawls into a bar. Dances into a bar. Flies into a bar. Jumps into a bar. And orders: a beer. 2 beers. 0 beers. 99999999 beers. a lizard in a … Read more

73 Tuesday work memes, Tuesday morning memes, Tuesday memes for work, Tuesday funny memes, Tuesday memes

73 Tuesday work memes. 33 Funny Spongebob Memes. 34 funny Taco Tuesday memes and funny school appropriate memes. funny Taco Tuesday memes, Tuesday memes funny, Tuesday memes, funny Tuesday memes for work, Tuesday memes for work. http://9gag.com

14 Funny Anime memes

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September 19 – Today in History (History Memes and video)

September 19 – Today in History (History Memes) September 19 is the 262nd day of the year (263rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 103 days remaining until the end of the year. september 19 video September 19 EventsUp to 1900 September 191356 – In the Battle of Poitiers, the English defeat … Read more