Never forgotten: 20/10/20 Endsars remembered

October to Remember: End SARS revisited.#endsars #endsarsbrutality #endpolicebrutality #endsarsmemes #endbadgovernanceinnigeria End SARS or Endsars is a decentralised social movement and cycle of mass protests against police cruelty in Nigeria.The slogan orders for the disbanding of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a notorious unit of the Nigerian Police a long record of misusage. The protests … Read more

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A priest is giving a young nun a lift home one day. As he’s shifting gears, he rests his hand on the nun’s knee. The nun looks up at the priest and says, “Father, remember Luke 14:10.” The priest draws his hand embarrassed. Next time they stop at light, he places his hand a little … Read more

37 funny Nigeria memes that could be acted as comedy

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naija jokes 2021, dirty memes images, funny naija jokes 2021, Facebook down memes, WhatsApp down memes

36 Sunday memes funny

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70 Sunday memes (unkleaboki Funny Memes)

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Throwback Thursday:18 old school Nigerian Advertisements

Throwback Thursday: old school Nigerian Advertisements. MILOMilo kpa kpa kpa,kpa kpa kpa kpamilo… Great things start from small beginningsgrowing up reach early for your dreams…face each day, there’s a new challangea chance to be better, a chance to become ur dream… Growing up the nourishing food drinkgrowing up milogrowing up the refreshing … Read more

81 Weird Memes for Tuesday evening

81 Weird Memes ( and a funny joke to kick it off) A software tester walks into a bar.Walks into a barRuns into a bar. Crawls into a bar. Dances into a bar. Flies into a bar. Jumps into a bar. And orders: a beer. 2 beers. 0 beers. 99999999 beers. a lizard in a … Read more

25 Funny I love you memes

Funny I love you memes. I’m a screenwriter and I just signed an amazing 2-year deal the parent company of Universal Pictures! I’m going to be getting the basic cable plus HBO. Funny I love you memes, funny sexual memes, dank memes, funny biden memes, funny adult memes