Johnny Depp sends Love Letter to ‘Loyal’ Fans on TikTok (Video)

Johnny Depp’s First TikTok Is Love Letter to ‘Loyal’ Fans ET reports that Johnny Depp pays tribute to his ‘loyal and unwavering’ fans in his first TikTok video after winning his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard. The actor gives a behind-the-scenes look at his new life, touring with his new music.


23 funny tiktok memes

funny tiktok memes *HOW TO DESCRIBE A PLACE IN LONDON AND IN NIGERIA* *LONDON* 13 Liverpool Street, Off Queen Elizabeth Park Suite c5 first floor, room 7A *NIGERIA* If you reach Hospital Road, you will see one big gutter, by the right there’s a shrine, jump the gutter and corner left. Do as if you’re …

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Deep Tom Cruise’ Jumps Over Keegan-Michael Key video (Tom Cruise iron Man video)

Deep Tom Cruise’ Jumps Over Keegan-Michael Key & Tom Cruise iron Man video. A TikTok account, known for videos featuring an AI-generated doppelgänger of Tom Cruise, shared a new post. Graeme O’Neil takes a look at Miles Fisher’s latest video as “Deep Tom Cruise” that went viral as he jumped over Keegan-Michael Key in the …

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See the Now-Deleted Druski Video that caused a Social Media War (Watch)

Druski Video: Social Media Calls For the Cancellation Of Comedian Druski Following ‘Offensive’ Viral Video Skit. So here‘s the Druski video everyone's talking about. pic.twitter.com/Fx86ynVQIM — You’re mad… I’m not. Period. DOT! ⚫️ (@GoHomeKJ) April 13, 2022 However some fans feel the comedian should not have deleted the video.Here are clips of the skit: