Patti Lupone mask video

Patti Lupone mask video: Patti LuPone Yells At Audience Member Over COVID Mask. Twitterati react as Patti LuPone chastizes a Broadway theatregoer for not wearing their COVID-19 mask properly during a Q&A following “Company. Patti LuPone putting an anti-masker in their place at a talkback after the show. Just follow the fucking rules and keep …

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Twitter reacts to Paul Joseph Watson leaked audio (NSFW)

Paul Joseph Watson leaked audio: Far-right YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson [@prisonplanet] was secretly recorded calling people “n*ggers”, “p*kis”, “c**ns”, “f*ggots”, and taunting that he wants “wipe Jews off the face of the earth”. Hey Paul, quick question: what did you mean by this? — Indeterminate (@SkinwalkerTruth) May 6, 2022 New: YouTuber Paul Joseph …

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Watch: 2 SSSniperWolf videos

Sssniperwolf (aka Alia Shelesh) is a YouTuber, who has 40 million combined subscribers and followers on her social media profiles. She is known for her crass and dark humor, as well as harshly (and publicly) calling people out.

Update Chris Paul family video (watch)

Chris Paul family video, Chris paul family, Chris Paul fan, Chris Paul mom, Chris Paul wife. #nba #nbahighlights #nbahighlightstodayChris Paul told a Mavericks fan who pushed his mom and wife “I’ll see you later.”