Watch: Anush Apetyan video (death of Anush Apetyan)

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Anush Apetyan Video, Death of Anush Apetyan.

Anush Apetyan Video, Death of Anush Apetyan . Anush Apetyan, was an Armenian female soldier who was raped, tortured, mutilated and killed by Azerbaijani forces during the clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan in September 2022 in the city of Jermuk. Apetyan had three children, aged 16, 15 and 4.

Anush Apetyan Wikipedia

During the conflict between Armenian and Azerbaijani military forces between September 13 and 14, an armenian soldier named Anush Apetyan was captured alive by Azerbaijani forces alongside more than 10 Armenian soldiers captured alive, upon the Armenian Ministry of Defense.

After that, the video of torture and mutilation of a woman captured by Azerbaijani soldiers was first released on Telegram and after a while it was found that the woman is the Armenian soldier Anush Apetyan.
In that video it was obvious that she had been tortured and mutilated, her legs were cut off, at least one finger was cut off and placed in her mouth, and one eye was poked out and replaced with a stone, and it was while the Azerbaijani soldiers surrounding her were celebrating and mocking her.


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