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Chalino Sanchez death video: On 15 May 1992, 4 months after the Coachella incident in which there were fatalities at his concert when a drunk man started shooting at him, Chalino performed at the Salon Bugambilias, Culiacán.
Before Chalino was ready to sing “Alma Enamorada”, he was handed a note from someone in the crowd. After reading it, Chalino crumbled the note up and began to sing the song.

It is believed the note was a death threat. After midnight, Chalino drove away from the club with two of his brothers, a cousin, and several young women.
They were pulled over by a group of armed men in black Chevrolet Suburbans. They showed state police ID cards and told Chalino their commandant wanted to see him. Chalino agreed and got into one of their cars while the others followed behind.

At 6 am on 16 May 1992, two farmers found Chalino’s body by an irrigation canal near Highway 15, near the neighborhood of Los Laureles, Culiacán. He was blindfolded and his wrists had rope marks. He had been shot in the back of the head twice.

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